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Hendrick Art Studio can create a space for a new baby or child that is one of a kind and will completely change the feel of a room. For close to the cost of a moderate wall covering you can have an amazing space without fear of formaldehyde outgassing from wallpaper. Also no unsightly seams popping  and ruining the overall appearance. Let us show you how we can design your wall space!

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Eco friendly seamless wall designs!

If you want a seamless decorative finish that can be custom created by our artists look no further. Why worry about different dye lots, seams popping and formaldehyde from pvc coated wall paper? We create hand applied one of a kind finishes from novacolor. Novacolor is an environmentally conscious plaster and pigments company based out of Italy. For a free consultation reference this blog and email or call us to set it up!

Novacolor Ruston Fondo
Hendrick Art Studio

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